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See how Bahrain's police misuse tear gas, and learn why we must act now to save lives

Warning! This slideshow contains graphic images of individuals injured and killed with tear gas

Campaign Updates:

10 December 2013: The Bahrain Watch legal team files complaints with five UN Special Rapporteurs, arguing that the Bahrain Government's use of tear gas violates the freedoms of association, expression, and movement, and constitutes systematic repression that amounts to degrading and inhuman treatment, and collective punishment.

26 November 2013: Bahrain Watch assembles a legal team headed by Michael Mansfield QC; the team files an OECD complaint against Dae Kwang Chemical Corporation seeking to halt the upcoming shipment of tear gas. Dae Kwang is the presumed supplier as they exported more than 1 million rounds of tear gas to Bahrain between 2011 and 2012.

1 November 2013: 31 Korean NGOs hold a protest outside DAPA, Korea's tear gas export licensing authority. The Stop The Shipment campaign comes under attack from Bahrain's media, with the Gulf Daily News proclaiming that the campaign seeks to "deny police protection."

25 October 2013: UK-based Campaign Against Arms Trade organizes the first of several demonstrations outside the Korean Embassy in London as Korean Government confirms that an unnamed company has requested permission to export tear gas to Bahrain. High-profile activists including Noam Chomsky endorse the campaign.

16 October 2013: Bahrain Watch leaks a tender document from a source linked to Bahrain's Ministry of Interior, showing that Bahrain's Government is set to purchase more than 1.6m rounds of tear gas. The "Stop The Shipment" campaign is launched, targeting Bahrain's main tear gas suppliers, located in Korea and South Africa.

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Call Korean authorities:

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Input your phone number, starting with "+", and including the country code. Do not include any dashes or parentheses. Do not include an extra "0" before your number. Then, select a number to call. We will automatically call your phone. When your phone rings, answer it, and we will connect you to the number anonymously, and free of charge. You will only pay the price to receive an incoming international call -- in most cases this is free of charge.

Korean tear gas export authority (DAPA) +82-2-2079-6022
Korean tear gas export authority (DAPA) +82-2-2079-6456
Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs +82-2-2100-7295
Korean MoFA Bahrain Desk +82-2-2100-8088

You can use the following script:

Note: The person answering the phone will answer in Korean. You should start by asking "Do you speak English?". Then, you can say the following:

Hello, my name is [first name], I am calling from [country you are in].

I'm calling today because a Korean company has asked permission to export millions of tear gas canisters to the country of Bahrain.

I would like to tell you about the situation in Bahrain, which is very serious. In the past two and a half years, police have killed thirty-nine peaceful men, women, and children using tear gas. Police fire tear gas into houses as people sleep, suffocating them. They also shoot canisters directly at protesters' heads and necks.

Korean companies, DaeKwang Chemical and CNO Tech exported more than 1 million tear gas canisters to Bahrain in 2011 and 2012. The population of Bahrain is only 1.3 million people.

Police fired one canister, made in Korea, at a young boy, 14 years old, named Ali. The police fired the canister at Ali's neck from a short distance, and killed him. Ali's life was cut short, because of a product made in Korea.

It is not only Bahraini citizens who are hurt. A foreigner in Bahrain died when police fired tear gas in her neighborhood. The Government's use of tear gas may also endanger Korean citizens in Bahrain.

Right now, Korea has a good reputation around the world. However, if you export any more tear gas to Bahrain, Korea will become known internationally as supporting dictatorships, and killing. You will have blood on your hands.

Already, the international media including the New York Times and Financial Times is reporting on Korean tear gas exports to Bahrain. Members of Parliament in Europe are questioning their relations with Korea. The world is watching you.

Please do not export any more Korean tear gas to Bahrain.

Thank you.

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Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs +82-2-2100-7999
Korean Embassy UK +44-20-7227-5504
Korean Embassy US +1-202-797-0595

3. E-Mail

Contact the companies exporting tear gas to Bahrain, and the export licensing authorities in their countries

Fact: Letter writing campaigns like this one can lead to the suspension of export licenses for tear gas, saving lives on the ground

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Korean tear gas export licensing authority
Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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South African Police Service

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Korean tear gas export licensing authority DAPA Korea
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Attend a protest at your nearest Korean, South African, or German embassy

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