Nature of Business: Strategic advisory and corporate security
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40 George Street
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Fees and Expenses: $2,370,000

Relationship with Bahrain Government

G3 was hired by the Bahrain government's Information Affairs Authority in July 2011, according to official tender documents, for a sum of £1.5 million (US$ 2,370,000). G3 was tasked with developing a "media campaign to support Bahrain's position in the international community".

Lt Gen Sir Graeme Lamb is a retired British army officer who now works as a "special adviser" to G3. He has had a distinguished career in the British Army, having served as the commander of the SAS and Commander Field Army, and held senior military positions in the Western military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been particularly outspoken in the media about his views on the political unrest in Bahrain, without at any point clarifying that his company has been contracted to do PR for the government.

Among the pieces written by Graeme Lamb, or about his views on Bahrain published in the media are:

After Lamb's relationship to G3 and its £1.5m contract with the Bahraini regime came to light, he denied having any knowledge about the contract when he was airing his views on Bahrain. Speaking to the Telegraph he asserted:

"I now know that is the case [that G3 was paid by Bahrain]."

"A number of people are trying to add two and two together to make four, or six. You'll say whatever you are going to say, but [my support for Bahrain] is not part of that contract. It is something that I have believed for a long time and it is nothing to do with any business interests I have."

Lt Gen Lamb has not spoken much in public about Bahrain since.

Fees and Expenses

£1.5 million ($2,370,000)

Date of Hiring

July 2011

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Additional Notes

G3 was closely linked to the UK political scandal that lead to the resignation of former UK Secretary of State for Defence Liam Fox in October 2011.