Cloud Media Entertainment

Nature of Business: Production company
Wardour St
City of Westminster, London, UK (map)
Fees and Expenses: $50,000

Relationship with Bahrain Government

British based Cloud Media Entertainment, in association with Frogspawn Creative, produced the 50-minute documentary Turning Points: One Month That Changed a Nation (2012) which was supported by The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The film, which is available online, was described by Cloud Media on its official Twitter account as a "factual documentary on riots". In many respects, it seems to be a government backed riposte to Al Jazeera's award winning documentary Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark.

Turning Points (summarised by POMED here) presents a strongly pro-government narrative of events in February and March last year, arguing that the Bahrain revolution should not be seen in the context of the Arab Spring. The documentary ends with an epilogue claiming that the regime is reforming, and that many BICI recommendations have been implemented.

The film has been shown at least twice in Washington, DC, with Ambassador Nonoo present both times for a post-screening discussion. Ambassador Nonoo considers it as a "true account" of events. Turning Points was first shown on February 16th 2012 at the Middle East Policy Council, with British producer Camilla Storey and American writer/director Vincent DeSalvo in attendance. It was also screened in March attended by "more than 50 D.C.-area diplomats and foreign policy experts", according to a press release issued by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Loyalist Bahrain MP Isa al-Kooheji and Arab League Ambassador to the US Hussein Hassouna were among the audience.

Fees and Expenses

The cost of the documentary is not currently known, but the Internet Movie Database estimates the budget at $50,000.

Date of Hiring

It is unknown precisely when in 2011 Cloud Media was hired. Cameraman Mario Genovese dates the actual filming as December 2011.

Relevant Personnel