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Bahrain Watch recently released a report (The IP Spy Files) looking at how Bahrain’s Government apparently identified anonymous Twitter and Facebook users by sending them malicious links from a network of fake accounts.  During our investigations leading up to and following the report, a number of accounts were shut down (i.e., deactivated or suspended) by… Read more »

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In order to shed greater light on the role of Ian Henderson, the British citizen who was head of Bahrain’s Special Branch for around 30 years, I sent a freedom of information request to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office  (FCO) regarding a retained document about an informal conversation that took place in 1977 between Henderson… Read more »

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The Bahrain government is currently engaged in a new crackdown on activists and wider civil liberties. In the past few days alone, dangerous new legislation has been introduced, there have been many arrests including prominent activists, and the government has “sanctioned a witch hunt” through the creation of a “hotline” for citizens to report websites… Read more »

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للتواصل:  [email protected] تويتر: @bhwatch 31 يوليو 2013 حكومة البحرين تستخدم حسابات تويتر مزيفة لملاحقة النشطاء على الإنترنت استهداف أكثر من ١٢٠ حساب و سجن ١١ مغرّد بتهم إهانة الملك تشن السلطات الأمنية في البحرين حملة تجسس ضد النشطاء على الإنترنت، خصوصاً أولئك الذين يستخدمون حسابات بأسماء مستعارة لإخفاء هويتهم الحقيقة و ذلك حذراً من الوقوع… Read more »