Detention of High Profile Bahraini Activists Upon Arrival in the UK Sets a Worrying Precedent

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Bahrain Watch is gravely concerned about the cases of  two high profile Bahraini activists, one of them a recognised torture survivor, who were imprisoned upon their arrival in the UK after attempting to claim political asylum over the past month. After fleeing Bahrain and claiming asylum at UK airports upon entry, Hussain Mohamed Jawad and… Read more »

US and German Tear Gas Continue To Be Used to Crackdown on Protesters on Uprising Anniversary

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Police appear to have used tear gas manufactured by US and South African-based companies on the 3rd anniversary of Bahrain’s mass protests.  Images received by Bahrain Watch show tear gas canisters identical to those manufactured by Federal Laboratories (US/UK) and Rheinmetall Denel Munitions (German/South African), apparently used on February 14, 2014. This follows a May… Read more »