Delegation of Activists Visit Korea for Arms Control Campaign

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Bahrain Watch to Participate in Press Conference at South Korean National Assembly FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: [email protected] Twitter: @bhwatch March 17, 2014 A Bahrain Watch delegation has arrived in Seoul, South Korea to bolster a legislative effort for new arms export controls, at the invitation of local NGOs, including Amnesty International Korea. This week, Korean… Read more »

US and German Tear Gas Continue To Be Used to Crackdown on Protesters on Uprising Anniversary

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Police appear to have used tear gas manufactured by US and South African-based companies on the 3rd anniversary of Bahrain’s mass protests.  Images received by Bahrain Watch show tear gas canisters identical to those manufactured by Federal Laboratories (US/UK) and Rheinmetall Denel Munitions (German/South African), apparently used on February 14, 2014. This follows a May… Read more »

أُوقِفت الشحنة

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حملة عالمية بقيادة منظمات غير حكومية تنجح بالضغط على السلطات الكورية لإلغاء شحنة مسيلات الدموع أعلنت منظمة مرصاد البحرين بأن حملة #أوقفوا_ الشحنة و التي بدأتها قبل شهرين لمنع وصول شحنة ضخمة من مسيلات الدموع إلى البحرين قد قطعت شوطاً مهماً في تحقيق هدفها. فقد نشرت اليوم صحيفة الفايننشال تايمز البريطانية أن وكالة المشتريات الدفاعية… Read more »


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Advocacy group Bahrain Watch announced today that the #StopTheShipment campaign it launched two months ago to prevent a massive shipment of tear gas to Bahrain, has achieved a major milestone. The Financial Times reported today that South Korea’s Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) denied two requests to export tear gas to Bahrain due to the “unstable politics in the country [Bahrain], people’s death due to tear gas and complaints from human rights groups”.