Bahrain Government Hacked Lawyers and Activists with UK Spyware

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  New evidence has emerged suggesting that the Bahraini government infected the computers of some of the country’s most prominent lawyers, activists and politicians with the malicious FinFisher spy software (also known as FinSpy).  The infections would have enabled the government to steal passwords and files, and spy through an infected computer’s webcam and microphone. … Read more »

Two years before airport arrest, @Takrooz was favorite target of #Bahrain Cyber Crime Unit

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On Wednesday, news broke that prolific anti-government Tweep @Takrooz was arrested by authorities upon his return to Bahrain.  His Twitter account, with nearly 18,000 followers and 100,000 tweets, became unavailable after his arrest.  Police charged @Takrooz with “inciting hatred against the regime” for his social media activity.  He was beloved by many for his cowboy… Read more »

وثائق المحكمة تشير إلى احتمال سجن الطالب علي الشوفه بسبب الضغط على وصلة تجسسية على الفيسبوك مرسلة من قبل حساب ناشط معتقل

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نشرت منظمة مرصاد البحرين في تقريرها عن ملفات تجسس الآيبي كيف أن حكومة البحرين تقوم باستخدام  روابط خبيثة لكشف هوية مستخدمي تويتر و فيسبوك المجهولين ذوي الأسماء مستعارة و من ثم سجنهم بتهمة “إهانة الملك”. ومنذ نشرها للتقرير تلقت المنظمة معلومات جديدة من مصادر  ذات صلة حول قضايا اعتقال عدد من نشطاء شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي… Read more »

Court document suggests Twitter user jailed for clicking on #ipspy link sent from arrested activist’s account

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Bahrain Watch recently published our IP spy report, which explored how the Government apparently used malicious links to identify and jail anonymous Twitter users for “insulting the King.”  Since publishing, we have received new information from a number of sources.  Some of this new information concerns the case of Ali Faisal Al-Shufa, a 17-year-old student currently… Read more »