Bahrain government hires 18 western companies to improve image after unrest

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BAHRAIN GOVT HIRES 18 WESTERN COMPANIES TO IMPROVE IMAGE AFTER UNREST New Project to Track Govt Spin Campaign Shows Over $32M Spent on PR [Manama] The Government of Bahrain has spent or allocated at least US$ 32.5 million for the services of eighteen different London and Washington DC based companies, to improve its image in… Read more »

Bahrain Watch founding Member Dr. Ala’a Al-Shehabi Arrested

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BAHRAIN WATCH FOUNDING MEMBER DR. ALA’A AL-SHEHABI ARRESTED Ala’a was Accompanying Journalists in a Car on Budaiya Highway at Time of Arrest [Manama] Bahrain Watch expresses its deep concern about activist Ala’a al-Shehabi, who was arrested in the evening hours of 22 April 2012 while driving on Budaiya Highway with several international journalists. Ala’a reported her… Read more »