Leading Bahraini ISPs are Blocking Telegram Traffic

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  Telegram is a mobile phone app that allows users to exchange private messages, and also create and join public channels where messages may be disseminated more widely.  Any Telegram user can create and advertise a public channel, and share links, images, and messages with channel members, in a manner similar to a public Twitter… Read more »

US-Australian facial recognition system may be used in Bahrain security crackdown

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  A Bahrain Watch investigation reveals that two companies (Pelco and iOmniscient) are likely supplying Bahrain’s Ministry of Interior with a facial recognition system that could be employed to identify protesters and dissidents in crowds; the CEO of iOmniscient confirmed his company’s involvement in a report in the Sydney Morning Herald. Bahrain’s government has a track… Read more »

Canadian company’s software may be used to stifle freedom of expression in Bahrain

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In an agreement worth more than $1.1 million USD ($1.5m CAD or 410,000 BD), a Canadian company called Netsweeper last month placed an invited bid with Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to implement a “National Website Filtering Solution.”  Given that the government of Bahrain has employed website filtering technology in the past to block access… Read more »

How The Government of Bahrain Acquired Hacking Team’s Spyware

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The Bahraini government acquired Hacking Team’s spyware known as Remote Control System (RCS) in 2014   Following the cyber attack against the Italian spyware company Hacking Team, Wikileaks published a searchable database of over a million emails which were leaked from the company’s servers. More than 1300 emails mention Bahrain. They reveal how, in 2014,… Read more »