Investigative Research Internships at Bahrain Watch!

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Bahrain Watch is an independent not-for-profit organisation registered in the United Kingdom with a network of researchers across five countries in three continents. Our team collaborates with the organisations wider network on cutting-edge technical analysis of data from public and private sources, to generate impacts on the ground in Bahrain and the wider Gulf, and… Read more »

Event: Tracking Surveillance Power and Internet Control in the Middle East

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From exploiting one of the rarest Apple iPhone exploits in history to using mobile forensics to target and torture activists, Gulf states are using technological advancements to shutdown online freedoms. Bahrain Watch has been at the forefront of confronting such threats in the Gulf and is now sharing its experiences at the Lush Summit. Book… Read more »

منتج اسرائيلي لاختراق هواتف يستخدم لإدانة نشطاء حقوق الإنسان البحرينيين الذين خضعوا للتعذيب

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تحقيق جديد مشترك صدر اليوم من قبل منظمة “بحرين ووتش” و The Intercept يعرض دليل على أن السلطات البحرينية استخدمت جهاز تكنولوجي اشترته من شركة Cellebrite، وهي شركة اختراق هواتف مقرها قائم في إسرائيل، لاستخراج الأحاديث والمعلومات الخاصة من هواتف النشطاء النقالة والتي استخدمت لاحقاً ضدهم في المحكمة. تم تصميم (Cellebrite’s Universal Forensic Extraction Device… Read more »

Israeli Forensics Product Used to Convict Bahraini Activist Who Underwent Torture

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  Cellebrite’s Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED) is designed to retrieve chat logs, texts, and other data from phones, in some cases bypassing PIN codes or passwords. A new joint investigation published today by Bahrain Watch and The Intercept presents evidence that Bahraini authorities have used forensics technology produced by Israel-based company Cellebrite to extract… Read more »