Real-time map tool for naughty journalists

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With the latest deportation episode of international journalists from Bahrain, some of their colleagues in the country might be wondering what was so news-worthy to make the ITV crew venture off on “unlicensed” terrain, instead of sticking to government-approved reporting on the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The government keeps issuing statements about its “open-door policy” and how it… Read more »

Pacman Chases French Arms Companies in Bahrain

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Le Vinvinteur n°12 – Bahreïn, Twitter et… by levinvinteur “Bahrain: Twitter and Birdshot” was this week’s episode title of Le Vinvinteur, a France 5 TV program covering world news with an entertaining twist. The show’s segment on the situation in Bahrain included showcasing Bahrain Watch’s Access Denied and Arms Watch projects. Focus was put on… Read more »

حكومة البحرين تغلق الباب بوجه العالم

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حكومة البحرين تغلق الباب بوجه العالم أكثر من 200 صحفي و مراقب و عامل إغاثة منعوا من دخول البحرين منذ فبراير 2011 [المنامة] لا تزال حكومة البحرين متهمةً بانتهاكاتها الخطيرة و المستمرة لحقوق الإنسان، و قد قدمت رداً على ذلك العديد من الالتزامات و الوعود بالإصلاح. لكن مع ذلك فإن الحكومة تقوم بإبعاد الصحفيين و… Read more »

Bahrain Government Shuts Out the World

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BAHRAIN GOVERNMENT SHUTS OUT THE WORLD More Than 200 Journalists, Observers, Aid Workers Kept Out Since February 2011 [Manama] Bahrain’s government stands accused of serious and ongoing human rights violations, and has made many commitments to reform. However, the Government is keeping out journalists, members of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), researchers, politicians, activists, and other outside… Read more »