How The Government of Bahrain Acquired Hacking Team’s Spyware

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The Bahraini government acquired Hacking Team’s spyware known as Remote Control System (RCS) in 2014   Following the cyber attack against the Italian spyware company Hacking Team, Wikileaks published a searchable database of over a million emails which were leaked from the company’s servers. More than 1300 emails mention Bahrain. They reveal how, in 2014,… Read more »

OECD condemns Gamma International after conclusion of its investigation

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British-German surveillance company Gamma has been condemned by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for its failure to adhere to human rights and due diligence standards, after a two year investigation into the company’s sale of surveillance technology to Bahrain.   The OECD’s UK National Contact Point (NCP) concluded on Thursday that Gamma International… Read more »

منظمة التعاون الاقتصادي و التنمية تدين شركة غاما الدولية بعد إنهاء تحقيقها

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أدانت منظمة التعاون الاقتصادي و التنمية شركة غاما للمراقبة و التجسس البريطانية-الألمانية الأصل، و ذلك لفشلها في الالتزام بمبادئ حقوق الإنسان و بمعايير إجراءات التقصي اللازمة بعد تحقيق استمر لمدة عامين في مبيعات الشركة لتقنيات التجسس لحكومة البحرين.   فقد أعلنت جهة الاتصال الوطنية بالمملكة المتحدة التابعة لمنظمة التعاون الاقتصادي و التنمية اليوم الخميس أنه… Read more »

Brazilian tear gas linked to recent death of Abdulaziz Al-Saeed

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  On 17 January 2015, Abdulaziz Al-Saeed died at his home in Bilad Al-Qadeem due to tear gas inhalation, according to a statement by his family.  His death followed a police crackdown on protesters in the area calling for the release of Al-Wefaq’s Secretary General Shaikh Ali Salman.  Activists posted videos showing the police firing… Read more »