Who provides the Ministry of Interior with CCTV?

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Bill Law’s latest report for the BBC – Bahrain: Policing Protest In his new film for the BBC, Bill Law reports from Bahrain on “The Police and The Protesters”. It was not an easy report to film. Law notes difficulties in getting a visa, that their camera was impounded at the airport, that they were… Read more »

Human Rights Defender prevented from Boarding Flight to Bahrain as Access Denials Continue

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In an unprecedented case of access denial, human rights defender Maryam AlKhawaja was today prevented from boarding a British Airways flight from Denmark to Bahrain, following a request to the airline by the Bahrain government. AlKhawaja is the Acting President of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) and the Co-Director of the Gulf Center… Read more »

Security Forces in Bahrain: Legal, Historic and Current Perspectives

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On Tuesday, King Hamad met with British Prime Minister David Cameron in London. They discussed the potential purchase of Typhoon warplanes, whilst back in Bahrain a massive crackdown against the opposition was underway. On the back of King Hamad’s visit, Bahrain Watch members discuss the historical, current and legal security situation in Bahrain:   Chasing accountability;… Read more »

Pre-emptive Crackdown in Bahrain against planned Tamarrod protests

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The Bahrain government is currently engaged in a new crackdown on activists and wider civil liberties. In the past few days alone, dangerous new legislation has been introduced, there have been many arrests including prominent activists, and the government has “sanctioned a witch hunt” through the creation of a “hotline” for citizens to report websites… Read more »