Bahrain tells UN torture expert to postpone visit — again

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  For the second consecutive time, the Bahraini government has told the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture to delay his planned visit to Bahrain. A statement on the state-run news agency yesterday said that Bahrain’s Minister for Human Rights delivered an official letter to Special Rapporteur Juan Mendez “outlining reasons for the request to postpone… Read more »

Liam Fox’s ties to intelligence firm hired by Bahrain

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  Yesterday, former Guardian Middle East editor Brian Whitaker wrote on his blog (which was followed by an article in the Independent) about the upcoming “Bahrain Independent Symposium”. By the looks of it, this is likely to be another high profile international PR attempt by the Bahraini government. One of the two co-sponsors of this… Read more »

Gerrymandering in Bahrain: Twenty-one persons, one vote

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With the the start of yet another “National Dialogue” arranged by the Bahraini government yesterday, the Bahrain Watch team thought it would be appropriate to highlight the issue of gerrymandering which will certainly be brought up during the talks. The question of gerrymandered voting districts has been one of the major sticking points between the… Read more »