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As part of the Human Rights Weekend organized by Human Rights Watch in Amsterdam, Bahrain Watch researcher Faten Bushehri will be participating in a panel discussion on the impact of social media on human rights, focusing on Bahrain. 

Image taken from Human Rights Weekend’s Official account.


Event description: HRW – The Impact of Social Media on Human Rights


The relationship between human rights and social media is increasing in importance year by year. While social media can be used as a tool for advocacy and for raising awareness of the need to protect human rights, in some instances these platforms are being used for negative purposes – for example, the spread of harmful fake news and as a tool of manipulation. This special program will explore the potential for social media and obstacles to its productive use.
Confirmed speakers: Andrew Stroehlein (European media director at Human Rights Watch), Casper Sikkema (editor in chief at VICE Benelux), Leon Willems (Director Policy and Programmes of Free Press Unlimited) and Faten Bushehri (monitoring and outreach officer at Bahrain Watch and freelance journalist)

Moderator: Nienke Venema (director at Stichting Democratie en Media)

Link to the official event here

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