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Today, the IDEX2013 Arms Fair has kicked off in Abu Dhabi.  Among this year’s exhibitors are several companies whose products have been used by security forces in Bahrain and the UAE.


Tear gas

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights says that 35 people have died as a result of tear gas, both from inhalation and direct impact of the canister.  The youngest victim is said to be 5 days old.  Police indiscriminately fire and directly target protesters with canisters, and fire tear gas into private homes.  The following video shows an indiscriminate nighttime teargassing of a village, whose inhabitants are chanting “down Hamad,” referring to Bahrain’s king, and “God is great” from their houses.

According to images and videos seen by Bahrain Watch, tear gas from the following two companies comprises the majority of tear gas used in Bahrain.

Rheinmetall Denel Munitions (Germany / South Africa)


Bahrain’s police use tear gas from this company, shown above.  For more details, see this Bahrain Watch report.


Korea C.N.O. Tech Ltd (South Korea)

cnotech cnotech3

Bahrain Watch has seen evidence that Korea C.N.O. Tech Ltd has exported to Bahrain.  This company may be behind the export of the above types of canisters and grenades to Bahrain.  Another Korean company, Daekwang Industry Company Ltd., was previously identified as the OEM of these canisters, though the company denied directly exporting them to Bahrain.


Tear gas manufactured by the following two companies was formerly seen in Bahrain.  Bahrain Watch has not seen any recent images of tear gas from these companies in Bahrain.

Condor (Brazil)


Tear gas from this company was found in Bahrain, as shown in the image above.  The Brazillian Foreign Ministry issued a statement denying that Condor sold any tear gas to Bahrain, and implying that the tear gas was re-exported to Bahrain from another GCC country.  Nabeel Rajab posted information suggesting that the Condor tear gas was shipped to the UAE, and re-exported to Bahrain.


Nonlethal Technologies (USA)


Tear gas from this company was formerly used in Bahrain, seen above.


Armored Vehicles


Otokar (Turkey)

otokarcobra1 otokarapv1

Bahrain’s police and National Guard use Otokar Cobra and APV armored vehicles, shown above.




Fiocchi Munizioni (Italy)


Several Fiocchi birdshot cartridges, shown above, were put on display by protesters last year at an expo in the village of al-Qadam.  Bahrain Watch has not seen recent pictures of this cartridge in Bahrain.


Computer Spyware


Hacking Team (Italy)


Hacking Team is a manufacturer of computer spyware.  A number of UAE activists including Ahmed Mansoor were targeted with this spyware, in an attack that was linked to the offices of a member of the UAE royal family.  The spyware server was briefly run from an address registered to the “Office Of Sh. Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.”  The attackers used the spyware to compromise and repeatedly access Ahmed Mansoor’s GMail account.


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