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Media coverage: Guardian, AlJazeera, Middle East Eye, BuzzFeed News, Jadaliyya Leaked confidential agreements today published by Bahrain Watch and the Guardian, combined with publicly available financial statements show that the Bahraini government has been secretly funding the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) to the tune of approximately £30 Million since 2010, accounting for over… Read more »

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From exploiting one of the rarest Apple iPhone exploits in history to using mobile forensics to target and torture activists, Gulf states are using technological advancements to shutdown online freedoms. Bahrain Watch has been at the forefront of confronting such threats in the Gulf and is now sharing its experiences at the Lush Summit. Book… Read more »

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At least one teenager, Mustafa Hamdan, has been critically wounded and numerous injured after armed masked men launched an armed attack against civilians and protesters in the village of Duraz. On 26 January 2017 at approximately 3 am, at least 20 masked individuals dressed in black civilian clothing and carrying arms attacked civilians next to… Read more »

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As part of the Human Rights Weekend organized by Human Rights Watch in Amsterdam, Bahrain Watch researcher Faten Bushehri will be participating in a panel discussion on the impact of social media on human rights, focusing on Bahrain.    Event description: HRW – The Impact of Social Media on Human Rights Discussion The relationship between human… Read more »