# Recommendation Status
1715 Establish an independent and impartial national commission to implement BICI recommendations Violated
1716 Establish a national independent and impartial mechanism to punish those responsible for deaths, torture, and mistreatment Violated
1717 Turn the Ministry of Interior's office of the Inspector General into an "ombudsman's office" Violated
1718 Revoke NSA arrest power, create an office of Inspector General in the NSA, adopt legislation clarifying that Code of Criminal Procedure applies during a State of National Safety Partial
1719 Require Attorney General to investigate torture and guarantee safety of those raising torture claims, and to use independent forensic experts Violated
1720 All convictions in National Safety Courts where fair trial procedures were not followed should be reviewed by ordinary courts Partial
1722a Conduct effective investigations of all deaths attributed to security forces, and all allegations of torture and similar mistreatment Violated
1722b Establish an independent body to examine all complains of torture, excessive use of force, or other abuses by authorities Inaction
1722c Public order training for public security forces, NSA, and BDF Inaction
1722d Avoid incommunicado detention for more than two to three days, all detention should be monitored by an independent body, everyone arrested should be given a copy of the arrest warrant Violated
1722e Integrate personnel from all communities in Bahrain into the security forces Inaction
1722f Train prosecutors and members of judiciary to contribute to eradication of torture No Details
1722g Audiovisual recordings of all official interviews with detainees Violated
1722h Review convictions and commute sentences of those charged with offenses involving political expression Violated
1722i Commute death sentences N/A
1722j Compensate families of the deceased No Details
1722k Compensate all victims of torture, ill-treatment, or prolonged incommunicado detention No Details
1723a Ensure that remaining dismissed employees were not dismissed for exercising speech or assembly rights Violated
1723b Use all powers to ensure public corporations treat dismissed employees at least as well as dismissed civil servants Violated
1723c Reinstate students not charged with violence, adopt procedures for reinstatement of legitimately expelled students, adopt and fairly apply clear disciplinary standards against students Partial
1723d Rebuild some of the demolished religious structures Inaction
1724a Relax censorship and allow opposition greater access to TV, radio, and print media Violated
1724b Establish professional standard and code of ethics for media Inaction
1724c Prevent incitement to violence, hatred, and sectarianism in public or private media No Details
1725a Develop educational programs to promote tolerance, human rights, and the rule of law No Details
1725b Develop a national reconciliation program Inaction

5 on Trial in "Accidental" Killings

Two victims were beat to death, one was executed at point-blank range, and two were shot at least three times in multiple limbs at point-blank range.

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Compensation Bait and Switch

The touted "National Victims Compensation Fund" is scuttled by Royal Decree. A proposal to replace this fund with a panel in the Justice Ministry has allegedly been approved by the cabinet.

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500 More "Community Police" to be Hired

The community police force, established in 2005 has had limited success. Meanwhile, the 20,000 new Interior Ministry jobs announced in March 2011 have failed to materialize.

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