Abdulnabi Kadhem

23 November 2011

Witnesses and the Bahrain Center for Human Rights claim he died after his car was rammed into a wall by a speeding police SUV. The government claims he crashed into a wall.

There is a video, and pictures of his car:

Zahra Saleh Al Balushi

7 December 2011
She died after a metal rod became embedded in her head. The government claims that protesters threw the rod when she turned to security forces for protection. Protesters claim that police threw the iron rod. Attempts by Al Wefaq to visit her in the hospital were rebuffed by Ministry of Interior employees.

Sajida Faisal Jawad

11 December 2011
Sajida was a 5 day old baby who died from tear gas suffocation according to her parents. The Ministry of Health claims Sajida died due to bacterial infection.

Ali Ahmed Alqassab

15 December 2011
Allegedly struck by a civilian car while being chased by police.

Abdali Ali Ahmed

17 December 2011
Allegedly died from tear gas inhalation. The Ministry of Interior claims he died of natural causes.

Sayed Hashim Sayed Saeed

31 December 2011

A medical report gave the cause of death as hematomas and bleeding as a result of a neck injury, and noted burns on the bottom-left of his chest and his left forearm. Police allegedly fired two tear gas canisters at his chest and neck from close range. The government released a statement claiming that the burns on Sayed Hashim's body were inconsistent with burns caused by a tear gas canister. The statement also says preliminary investigations showed that Sayed Hashim participated in attacks on security forces with molotov cocktails that took place throughout the day, and that a full investigation was underway.

A picture of one of the tear gas canisters allegedly shot at him, and pictures of injuries on his body:

Fakhriyya Jassim Mohamed Al-Sakran

3 January 2012
Allegedly died after inhaling tear gas on 1 January. Her family reported that she was in good health until she inhaled the gas.

Yousif Ahmed Muwali

11 January 2012

His family says he was tortured to death in police custody. The Ministry of Interior claims that he drowned. Yousif went missing on 9 January. His family claims that while they were filing a missing persons report on 11 January, an officer told them that Yousif was in custody. The Ministry of Interior claim that Yousif was not in their custody and that they found his body on the shore of Amwaj Islands on 13 January. His death certificate indicates that he died about 2 days before his body was found. MoI performed an autopsy and forensic examination on his body without the consent of the family. The government held his body until 21 January.

Injuries on his body:

Badriya Ali

14 January 2012
The Bahrain Center for Human Rights says that she set herself on fire. She reportedly suffered from severe depression for months after her son was arrested and beaten by security forces in front of her.

Salma Mohsin

15 January 2012
The Bahrain Center for Human Rights says that she died from teargas suffocation after a canister was shot into her home.

Yaseen Jassin Al-Asfoor

20 January 2012

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights says that he died after being hospitalized for three weeks as a result of inhaling tear gas. The Information Affairs Authority claims that Yaseen died as a result of a hereditary disease.

Pictures of Yaseen in the hospital:

Mohammed Khamis al-Khunaizi

20 January 2012

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights says that he went to sleep after vomiting due to tear gas inhalation, and his family found him dead a few hours later. The Information Affairs Authority claims that Mohamed was discovered dead from a drug overdose.

Picture of Mohammed

Saeed Ali Hassan Al-Sikry

25 January 2012
His family says he died as a result of inhaling tear gas fired by security forces the previous night. A spokeswoman with the Information Affairs Authority told CNN that Saeed fell in the bathroom of his home.

Abbas Jaffaar al-Sheikh

25 January 2012
Allegedly died from cancer after two months hospitalization. He was injured several times with various weapons, including birdshot. He allegedly suffered a blood clot caused by being shot in the back with a flashbang grenade, according to the Bahrain Human Rights Society. He was subjected to tear gas several times which may have sped up the progression of the cancer.

Muntather Saeed Fakhar

25 January 2012

Witnesses say he was arrested after police crashed into his car, beat on the street, and later tortured in Hoora police station. The General Directorate of Traffic says that Muntather died in hospital after sustaining injuries as a result of car accident with security forces. They claimed that blood tests showed the presence of alcohol and anesthetic drugs in his bloodstream.

One alleged picture of Muntather in the back of a police car after the accident, and pictures of Muntather's body:

Mohammed Ibrahim Yacoub

26 January 2012

The Interior Ministry announced that Mohammed died of complications from Sickle Cell Anemia in a hospital, and that his body was free of injuries. Opposition groups say he was hit by a police car and then arrested. Witnesses say he was tortured outside a police station. The Public Prosecution reportedly refused to have an independent forensic doctor examine the body.

Montage of pictures of Mohammed released by Al Wefaq:

Zahraa Ali Hassan Al-Hawwaj

1 February 2012
The Bahrain Center for Human Rights says that she died after inhaling tear gas, and reports that she was in good health beforehand.

Abdali Abdulla Mohammed Al-Ma'ameery

1 February 2012
The Bahrain Center for Human Rights says he died after inhaling tear gas shot into his house. His son reported filing a complaint with police after the family's house was teargassed on a previous occasion, and said that police targeted their house with tear gas and smashed their car windows after he registered the complaint.

Ali Isa Abdulla Al-Hayki

6 February 2012
His family says he died after suffocating from tear gas that was shot in front of his house on 1 February, and reported that he was in good health before the incident.

Fatima Salman Al-Basri

12 February 2012
The Alliance for a Republic claims she died from lung complications after inhaling tear gas.

Hussain Albaqali

12 February 2012

Reuters reported that he died of burns sustained in January while burning tires in a protest timed to coincide with the 2012 Bahrain International Air Show. He did not seek timely medical attention, according to his family, due to fear of arrest. The Ministry of Interior says that Hussain's father, mother, and aunt all confirmed that Hussain had burned himself while trying to commit suicide as part of a family dispute. They further state that Hussain himself admitted to the suicide attempt in a "dying declaration," and this "confession" was "recorded on audio and video tapes." The Ministry has not released any audio or video of the alleged confession.

Claimed video of the tire-burning incident that led to Hussain Albaqali's death.

Mansoor Salman

12 February 2012
The Bahrain Center for Human Rights says that he died as a result of a deterioration in his health that began when he inhaled tear gas fired by security forces on 2 February 2012.

Rose Nisha Naikarottu Baby Varghese

21 February 2012
On 25 January, she entered a coma during an asthma attack that her family says may have been caused by tear gas inhalation. She died on 21 February, a day before she was to be sent home to India for treatment.

Abda Hussain

25 February 2012
Al Wefaq says she died of tear gas inhalation.

Habib Kadhim Almulla

29 February 2012
The Bahrain Center for Human Rights says that tear gas was shot inside his home on 24 February (for the third time). He was transferred to Salmaniya Hospital where he died 5 days later.

Sayed Jaffar Salman Juma'a al-Alawi

2 March 2012
According to the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Sayed Jaffar was beaten into a coma by security forces on 15 February 2011. He was admitted to the hospital, and eventually woke up with amnesia. He remained in the hospital where his health deteriorated until his death.

Yahya Yousif

5 March 2012
Yahya was a 45 day old baby who died of "abdominal inflammation and increased blood acids" according to doctors. Yahya's father blamed tear gas, telling the Bahrain Center for Human Rights that Yahya's mother suffocated several times from tear gas during her pregnancy.

Sakina Ali Ahmed Marhoon

6 March 2012
Al Wefaq reported that her family said she was hospitalized on 6 February 2012 as a result of inhaling tear gas and died on 6 March 2012.

Fadhel Mirza al-Obeidi

10 March 2012

According to the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, police shot Fadhel in the head with a tear gas canister during a peaceful protest on 1 March, and then beat him on his injury. He was declared clinically dead on 2 March, and eventually died on 10 March. The Bahrain News Agency cited a medical report stating that Fadhel's injury was caused by "the impact of solid body to the right side behind the ears of the deceased."

There is video footage that claims to show the circumstances of the shooting and subseqent beating, as well as video of him arriving in the hospital. There is also a picture of Fadhel's head, shown below.

Jafar Jassem Radhi

17 March 2012
Al Wefaq reports that Jafar's family said he died from tear gas inhalation. Police allegedly shot tear gas directly at his house the previous night on 16 March. His family stated that Jafar was in good health before inhaling the tear gas.

Sabri Mahfoudh

18 March 2012
Al Wefaq reported that his family said he died after inhaling tear gas. Sabri was reportedly a victim of torture during the State of National Safety, and was also previously hit with a projectile in his chest.

Abda Ali Abdulhussein

23 March 2012
Her family believes she died as a result of tear gas. A week before her death, she was exposed to tear gas and admitted to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with lung inflammation. She was released from the hospital still suffering from the inflammation. She was again exposed to tear gas in her house on 23 March. The family first contacted the military hospital, but they did not have an ambulance available. When an ambulance finally arrived from a public hospital, she was dead.

Ahmed Abdulnabi

24 March 2012

His family blamed tear gas for his death. They reported that on 16 March, a tear gas canister was shot through the window of their home. Both Ahmed and his sister experienced a deterioration in their health over the next few days, vomiting blood and compaining of chest and heart pains. He fainted on 23 March, and was pronounced dead upon his arrival to a hospital. His family reported that he was strong and healthy prior to his tear gas exposure. The following two pictures are said to show the window through which the tear gas canister entered the house.

Ahmed Ismaeel

31 March 2012

Witnesses report that Ahmed was filming a protest in his village of Salmabad at around 1:30AM on 31 March when he was shot. The Interior Ministry said that Ahmed sustained an injury to his upper right thigh, and announced an investigation. A doctor claimed that Ahmed's death certificate listed the cause of death as hypovolemic shock from a bullet wound. The head of the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights claimed that there was an exit wound. Witnesses claimed that the vehicle from which the shot was fired belongs to a member of the Interior Ministry. The pictures below show the location of Ahmed's shooting, Ahmed after he was shot, and what is said to be Ahmed's camera.