Recommendation 1725 (b)

In general, the Commission recommends to the GoB the development of a national reconciliation programme that addresses the grievances of groups which are, or perceive themselves, to be deprived of equal political, social and economic rights and benefits across all segments of Bahrain.s population.


The government has not yet made any serious attempts at reconciliation. Political leaders remain in prison, and police practices seem unchanged. See recommendations 1722b and 1722c for more details on police practices.

Government Claim

(source: on 3/3/2012)

The Ministry of Human Rights and Social Development (MoHRSD) has prepared a National Social and Economic Reconciliation (NSER) program. The highlights include:

  • Establishing a cross-ministerial committee that will oversee all the social and economic reconciliation initiatives;
  • Making available $500,000 to NGOs working on social reconciliation programmes;
  • As a result of the recommendation of the World Bank, amending the cash transfer programmes so that they target most deserving families to increase social impact; and
  • Various other social reconciliation initiatives that have already been launched such as the "wi7da wa7da" ("One Unity") campaign. A four phase campaign that encompasses social and cultural events, psychological support, and programmes aimed at engaging Bahrainis in society.
Recommendation 1725 (b)
Develop a national reconciliation program
Status: Inaction
Government claim: In Progress


  • Inaction The government has not yet made any serious attempts at reconciliation