Recommendation 1723 (b)

To use all its powers to ensure that public corporations and other employers who dismissed employees for failure to appear for work at the time of the demonstrations treat them in a way that is at least equal to that provided by the GoB to civil servants.


Initially, 2464 private sector and 2075 public sector employees were dismissed according to the BICI report. The vast majority of remaining sacked employees, 1540 of the remaining 1776 dismissed, are from the private sector according to the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions. The huge discrepancy between the public and private sector is evidence that the government is not using all of its power to ensure that private sector employees are being treated equally, and thus constitutes a violation of the recommendation.

Government Claim

(source: on 3/3/2012)

On its self-imposed deadline of 29 February 2012, GoB completed an intensive and multi-agency process to advance national reconciliation through the reinstatement of private sector workers in Bahrain. The efforts by the government have resolved over 76 percent of the cases in the private sector overall, and 93% for state invested enterprises, with the remaining cases being transferred to the courts. A detailed breakdown can be found in the statement by published in by the Ministry of Labour.

Recommendation 1723 (b)
Use all powers to ensure public corporations treat dismissed employees at least as well as dismissed civil servants
Status: Violated
Government claim: In Progress


  • Violation The large difference in the percentage of reinstated public and private sector workers indicates that private sector employees are not being treated equally