Recommendation 1723 (a)

To ensure that the remaining dismissed employees have not been dismissed because of the exercise of their right to freedom of expression, opinion, association or assembly.


According to the latest data from the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions, a total of 1776 employees across the public and private sectors had not returned to work as of 3 March. 1540 of the employees are from the private sector, and 263 are from the public sector. It seems inconceivable that all are sacked for reasons other than freedom of expression or participating in a strike. There are weekly rallies of sacked workers outside of the Ministry of Labor, such as this rally on 29 February.

Recently, sacked F1 workers were offered their jobs back without back pay, and only if they agreed to drop lawsuits regarding their termination. In other cases, reinstated employees from the Ministry of Education had their job titles changed to "trainee," and the Ministry has cut their salaries. Workers have also complained that employers are maintaining blacklists of employees. Conditional reinstatement constitutes a violation of the spirit of the recommendation.

Also note that the government has narrowly interpreted this recommendation to apply only to public sector workers.

Government Claim

(source: on 3/3/2012)

In the public sector, all employees dismissed for free speech activity have been reinstated.

Recommendation 1723 (a)
Ensure that remaining dismissed employees were not dismissed for exercising speech or assembly rights
Status: Violated
Government claim: Implemented


  • No Details 1776 out of the 4539 sacked have not returned to work; it seems inconceivable that all are sacked for reasons other than freedom of expression or strikes
  • Violation As a condition of reinstatement, workers are sometimes denied back pay, demoted, forced to accept pay cuts, or forced to drop lawsuits regarding their dismissal