Recommendation 1722 (g)

There should be audiovisual recording of all official interviews with detained persons.


Note that installing cameras and remodelling interrogation rooms does not constitute an implementation of this recommendation. The Bahrain Center for Human Rights reports, based on witness and victim testimony, that a youth hostel and a municipal building are among locations that have been converted into "unofficial" centers of detention and abuse. This violates the spirit of the recommendation, because interviews and questioning will likely not be recorded at these locations. For more details about the youth hostel, see recommendation 1722d.

The government has not announced how defense lawyers will be able to access the recordings.

Government Claim

(source: on 3/3/2012)

On 22 December 2011, the Minister of Interior ordered that all steps be taken (including the ordering of the relevant equipment) to enable the audiovisual recordings of all official interviews with suspects, witnesses or detained persons.

On 5 January 2011, the MOI approved detailed plans for the installation of audiovisual equipment, including architectural drawings and the German companies that will supply the technical equipment. The first police station to be fitted with the equipment will be in Hoora.

Sixty cameras have been ordered from Germany, twenty of which have now been delivered. Work has commenced on Hoora and it is expected to be finished on track. Audiovisual equipment will be fitted in 33 interrogation rooms within two months.

The interrogation rooms will then be fitted with the new design (new glass, walls, furniture etc) at a rate of five every 1.5 months, aiming to complete the project within a maximum of 8 months.

With respect to interrogations conducted with Public Prosecutors, on 28 February 2012, the Attorney General confirmed that the Public Prosecution office had contracted to purchase audiovisual recording equipment from the same company that sold equipment to the Ministry of Interior. Equipment has been purchased for 60 interrogation rooms, which will also be fitted with special insulation. It is estimated that that the 60 rooms will be fully fitted with the equipment within the next two months.

Recommendation 1722 (g)
Audiovisual recordings of all official interviews with detainees
Status: Violated
Government claim: Implemented


  • Violation Human rights organizations in Bahrain report that police are holding detainees at unofficial detention centers
  • Inaction The government has not announced how defense lawyers will be able to access the recordings