Recommendation 1722 (e)

The Commission recommends that the GoB establish urgently, and implement vigorously, a programme for the integration into the security forces of personnel from all the communities in Bahrain.


In March 2011, the Interior Ministry pledged to create 20,000 new jobs in the Coast Guard, Traffic Directorate, Directorate of Nationality, Passports, and Residence Affairs, and the Civil Defence (fire department). The Ministry opened centers to take applications on 14 March 2011. No recent details have been released. It should also be noted that creating jobs in the aforementioned departments would not achieve the spirit of the recommendation, as these departments are not active in confronting demonstrations and do not do policework.

In January 2012, the government pledged to recruit 500 new "community police" officers into the force, established in 2005. Community police, seen here at their 2005 graduation, can be identified by their distinctive blue uniforms, and occasionally have a token presence at protests. While some have praised the recruitment drive, a government employee interviewed by Al Shorfa (a publication of USCENTCOM) noted that the force has "not lived up to expectations" and has "been marginalized."

Government Claim

(source: on 3/3/2012)

The Minister of Interior signed an order on 22 December 2011 in which:

  • The Ministry was instructed that it should, as a matter of urgency, recruit 500 men and women into the police force from all communities in the five governates.

Jobs will be open to members of all sects. A committee has been established and has already started interviewing candidates. Once candidates are hired they will be given six months of training and introduced to the police force, after which the process will begin anew in respect of a further 500 candidates.

Recommendation 1722 (e)
Integrate personnel from all communities in Bahrain into the security forces
Status: Inaction
Government claim: In Progress


  • No Details No news on 20,000 new Ministry of Interior jobs that were promised in March 2011
  • Inaction 500 new "community police" to be hired; the force was established in 2005 but seems to rarely confront protests