Recommendation 1715

To establish an independent and impartial national commission consisting of personalities of high standing representing both the Government of Bahrain (GoB), opposition political parties and civil society to follow up and implement the recommendations of this Commission. The newly established national commission should examine the laws and procedures that were applied in the aftermath of the events of February/March 2011 with a view to making recommendations to the legislature for appropriate amendments to existing law and the development of new legislation, in particular with respect to legislative reform as contained in this recommendation.


The government established a commission that contains a token member of an opposition political party (the Progressive Democratic Tribune), and a token former-member of the Bahrain Human Rights Society. The King invited two Al Wefaq members, but they declined to participate as Al Wefaq and other political parties were not consulted about the committee, and the members to invite were selected by the King. These actions violate the spirit of the recommendation, which is to have a balanced, impartial commission.

Government Claim

(source: on 3/3/2012)

A Royal Order was issued for the formation of the National Commission on 26 November 2011. The Chairman and members of the Commission were appointed by Royal Decree on 28 November 2011. In accordance with this recommendation and His Majesty's wish that the Report's recommendations are promptly implemented to the highest standards, note that:

  • The Commission is independent.
  • The 19 members represent all segments of society.
  • The Commission will report on the implementation of the recommendations at the end of February 2012.
  • The Commission had its first meeting on 8 December 2011. At this meeting it was decided that the members would be divided into three sub-committees:
    1. legal;
    2. legislative; and
    3. reconciliation.

    The Commission meets weekly in plenary; and each sub-committee also meets weekly.

Recommendation 1715
Establish an independent and impartial national commission to implement BICI recommendations
Status: Violated
Government claim: Implemented


  • Implementation Government established a commission
  • Violation Commission contains one token opposition political society member, and a token former-member of a human rights organization
  • Violation Commission was appointed unilaterally by the King