Where did the internet go? Fighting shutdowns around school exams.

In 2016 and 2017, we recorded more than 30 instances of intentional internet shutdowns during school exams in the MENA region and in countries as diverse as India, Congo Brazzaville, Ethiopia, and Tunisia. Many such shutdowns are nationwide internet blackouts, although they take different forms. This is a broader, international problem that is a key indicator of Internet Health. A problem that we can solve.

Algeria’s economy lost $20.5 million during an internet shutdown for school exams in June 2016. There is also the risk that governments will switch to jamming, filtering, or blocking technologies that violate the privacy of students, educators, and businesses. Worse, some governments may use school exams as a pretext to clamp down on free expression.

In Bahrain, we recorded at least 400 days of internet shutdown in the village of Duraz costing internet subscribers in the village over 900000USD. This has particularly affected vulnerable individuals including the elderly needing healthcare treatment and students.

We'll aim to teach people about shutdowns around school exams and equip them with technical and pragmatic solutions to fight back. People will leave the session with practical information about circumvention tools, trends, and how to report this key indicator of internet health.

Facilitators: Access Now, Bahrain Watch and Turkey Blocks

When: Saturday, 28 October, 15:00-16:00

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