#RightsCon: Technology, oil and dissent: responding to technology-based silencing of dissidents in the Arab Gulf

Join us at 1.15pm on Thursday, 30 March at the Innovation Room...

30 March 2017
The Innovation Room, 1st Floor

In this panel we plan to discuss ways that activists in the Arab Gulf countries can cooperate to counter the chilling effect of technology-based measures by their respective governments to crack down on their work.

Gulf countries share a number of key features that makes it useful to discuss them together. Their governments are generally authoritarian monarchies yet due to petrochemical wealth they are relatively developed and have some of the highest per capita Internet penetration rates in the world. And crucially, the Gulf governments are supported politically (and militarily) by the West. It has lead to a situation in which the state has the means, through technology and otherwise, to silence activists (through Internet shutdowns, mobile and Internet surveillance, and social media harassment campaigns), yet without the scrutiny or attention from the international community that might occur elsewhere.


Chair: Dr. Alaa Shehabi, Co-Founder, Bahrain Watch Maryam Al Khawaja, Advisor, Gulf Centre for Human Rights Dr. Ronald Deibert, Director, The Citizen Lab Dr. Marc Owen Jones, Research Director, Bahrain Watch Ali Abdulemam, AmanaTech Director, Bahrain Watch