Tips on Mobile Encryption

Security Advice Notice

  1. Your mobile phone is considered to be the main item depended upon by security agencies to obtain information that might incriminate activists or to spy on them. Therefore, you must always take steps to ensure its security at the highest levels.
  2. One of the most important steps to take as an activist is to encrypt your devices and protect them with a “difficult to guess” password in order to ensure access to the information by a third party remains as difficult as possible.
  3. Device encryption is different from choosing a password to unlock the device, so you must pay attention to the difference between the two. With some devices, it is possible to extract information using various software even if the attacker does not know the password used to unlock the device.
  4. Mobile phones hold private information, often associated with passwords for social media or e-mail accounts. Encrypting the device prevents access to that information.
  5. Newer Apple iPhone models enable the process of encryption by default when the device is running the first time. Android devices may require manual steps.
  6. To ensure that your Apple iPhone is encrypted go to Settings >> Touch ID and Passcode and ensure that “Data Protection” is enabled.
  7. You can also activate the option to wipe the device if the password is entered more than a dozen times by going to Settings>>Touch ID and Passcode>>Erase Data.
  8. For iPhones: Make sure that the “Find my iPhone” option is always enabled. This gives you the chance to remotely control the device should it get lost or stolen.
  9. To encrypt Android devices go to Settings>>Security>>Encrypt Device. The encryption process may take time. You can also encrypt additional memory with the same settings.
  10. Be sure to enable the “Find My Mobile” option in case of loss. This allows you to remotely control your Android device through a webpage from any other device.
  11. In your Android devices go to Settings>>Security>>Device Administrators, and ensure that the “Android Device Manager” option is enabled to give you the option to delete or lock the device in case of loss.
  12. You can also encrypt tablet devices using the same previous steps for either Android or IOS. It is important to encrypt computers and laptops.