A leaked document shows massive new tear gas shipment planned for Bahrain. The number of tear gas canisters in the shipment is larger than Bahrain's total population. Join the campaign to stop the shipment.

Arms Watch

Bahrain's US-origin M113 APCs have returned to barracks, and police have shrunk their EU-origin birdshot, yet the death toll mounts. Arms Watch exposes the companies fueling the bloodshed.

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The IP Spy Files

The IP Spy files explores how Bahrain's Government silences anonymous online dissent using targeting activists with ipspy links on social media networks and subsequently arresting them.

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Access Denied

The Government hides Bahrain from the world by denying or restricting the access of journalists, NGOs, and human rights organizations. Access Denied catalogues these restrictions.

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PR Watch

PR Watch is an attempt to shed some light on the otherwise opaque dealings of public relations companies that are influencing the narrative on Bahrain.

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Government Inaction

The Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry issued recommendations to return Bahrain to the status quo ante uprising. Our implementation tracker explores how the government's inaction puts lives in jeopardy.

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Bahrain: The Unauthorized Tour

Bahrain: The Unauthorized Tour was prepared for journalists and tourists visiting Bahrain during 2012's Formula 1 race. The tour includes sites of significance to Bahrain's uprising.

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Bahrain skyline image cropped from "Manama at Night" © 2007 by Akshay Davis, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license Google+